By Vidhi Gautam Updated on December 08th, 2023

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is an undergraduate degree in engineering. It is a professional degree that comes up with a duration of 4 years. This course covers almost every bit of engineering and technology. This course is for those students who wish to pursue their careers in the core technology and development sector. It helps students in developing technical skills, soft skills, and analytical skills.

Engineering is one of the most chosen and sought career options after 10+2 among the students. The demand for this course is high in the market due to the increasing employment opportunities provided to the students after the completion of graduation and the lucrative expansion of the IT industry. Graduates of the B.Tech curriculum enjoy remunerative job opportunities and vast scope of employment in a panorama of areas. Students have vast career options in engineering because of the steady growth in industries, the economy, and so on. There is a lot of scope for engineers in the private, public as well as in government sectors.