Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT, Vellore) was situated in the year 1984 in Vellore, Tamil Nadu with the aim of providing higher quality education on par with international standards. It continually explores and accepts creative methods to advance the quality of higher education on a persistent basis. The campus has a sophisticated atmosphere with students from all corners of the world. Professional and well-educated teachers are strongly inspired to nutriment the student.

VIT had set the global standard in the field of teaching and research spur us on in our nonstop in excellence. It has become a way of growth for us. The constant source of pride in this campus is highly motivated youngsters. Our memoranda of understanding with various international universities are our major strength. They provide an exchange of students and faculty to inspire joint research projects for the collective benefits of these universities. A large number of our students, who engage in their research projects in foreign universities, promotes a high quality of their work esteem to India and makes us proud. With Constant steps, we continue our journey forward; we look ahead to meeting you here at VIT.