The Affect of Cancellation of 12th Exams in the Academic Year

By Siddhartha Verma Last Updated: July 01st, 2021

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We all are aware that the Central Government has taken a decision of cancelling the 12th Exams this year. Due to the same it is much likely to have an impact of this decision taken by the Union Government in this Academic Year.

It is visible and can be clearly observed that the trend has shifted from offline mode to online mode, yet this major decision has probably a lot of affect on the upcoming career process for the students. It is likely to observe that several premium universities are also struggling to find a proper way that will fit into the admission processes. Today in this article we will be discussing on few important points which will highlight the major impact on this academic year.

1.)    Forget the Conventional Process

It is very clear that now students are adapting the new way of digital education called online education. It’s been more than a year where we can see that almost every student has attending their academic courses in the online mode. Undoubtedly it the most desirable as well as conventional process of the time and should be adapted also but it may affect the students in forgetting the conventional way of education where they were learning everything on classroom’s white/black board and teachers were evaluating them on the answer papers written by them only.

2.)    Effect on Competitive Exams

NTA had already declared that the two main examinations of our country JEE Mains and NEET will be getting highly affected due to this cancellation of exams as well the prevailing pandemic.

Since we had observed that board examination has been cancelled considering the COVID-19 impact on the students as well as teachers. Keeping this decision in mind taken by the Union Government it is harder to predict about these two major competitive exams. It may happen or might get delayed all will depend on the prevailing pandemic, but the cancellation of 12th board has put a drastic impact on these exams.

3.)    Reducing the syllabus, focusing on key concepts over covering everything, and knowing nothing

It has been observed that in current way of imparting education. It is becoming a trend of reducing the syllabus while teaching and focussing on the important key concepts and highlighting those things only which are more probable to be asked in the examinations and completing the syllabus.

On overall evaluation for the covered topic/chapter of a subject it is most likely to observe that a student will not have grabbed and understood that much as it was expected thus this running trend should be observed and should be checked as it will hamper the quality education.

4.)    Delay in Counselling as well as Admission Process

It’s July 1st week and still we can see that several universities and colleges are yet to start their counselling process for the next academic session.

Jointly the cancellation of 12th Examination has an impact over Counselling as well as Admission Process, it has slowed the pace for the both. Students are also not able to predict the timeline for the same as they haven’t got their result yet.

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