State Boards Exams should follow CBSE decision for class XII

By Siddhartha Verma Last Updated: June 05th, 2021

We all are aware that the central government has taken a major decision and had cancelled the CBSE board exams. Lockdown is still prevailing in few sates and state government is also giving thoughts on the same whether it will be safer to conduct class XII state board examination or not. Some states had given thoughts regarding the same and had conducted high level meetings. Considering students, teachers health and following central government decision as the benchmark few states has cancelled the class XII board examinations already.

States like Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat were among the states which had announced the cancellation of class XII board examination due to the pandemic. In my perspective state boards were waiting for the central government decision over CBSE class XII and now they may be able to use the same as the reference point. In this article we will be discussing over the burning topic that - State Boards Exams should follow CBSE decision for class XII

1.)    Prevailing Pandemic situation

As compared with the previous months now we are observing lower number of Covid-19 cases. As per statistics the data varies from one state to another state. Conducting class XII board examination at this time may give rise to the Covid-19 cases and can affect the health of teachers as well as the students. At this time state government should follow the footprint of CBSE Board and should cancel the board examinations.

Health and Safety of students and teachers should be given highest priority at the time of pandemic.

2.)    Uniform Policy

Since this is related to education, in my perspective there should be uniform policy across our country so that there will be equal decisions. If some states will conduct the examinations and some will not conduct the same, students will not be going to support this one as this will be leading to a non-uniform method of evaluating the students. Some will be evaluated based on past performances and some will appear for the examinations, this will be not supported and thus there is a requirement for the uniform policy across the nation.

3.)    Yet to take Decisions

Few states like Tamilnadu, Telangana, WB, Assam & Andhra Pradesh are still having discussions on the same are yet to decide about the state board exams. There is a Do or Die situation for the students because they are still not sure that they will be writing the papers, or it will get cancelled.

These states should think from the student’s perspective and should go for the cancellation of the examinations. There is a need to take immediate decisions on the same so that we can ease off the mental pressure from student’s mind.

It is very much necessary to end anxiety among students, teachers, and parents.

4.)    Modernizing Educational pattern

It is very easy to understand that state boards are facing difficulties in cancelling the examinations due to the lack of infrastructure at the backend. Approximately 80% students are enrolled in the state boards and for them the educational pattern and evaluation process is not so modernized so they may find difficulties in giving unbiased marking to the students.

Since this time, it is related to the health of the people from next time onwards government should take proper steps and tends to improve the educational pattern of the state boards.

There is still dilemma for few states where the decisions are yet to be taken. Students should remain chill at their end and should focus on their study and health and must avoid unwanted anxiety. Uniform policy at this time will be appreciated from all of us to avoid any kind of marking discriminations.

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