Placement Strategy in Engineering College

By Siddhartha Verma Last Updated: April 08th, 2021

Placement matters the most for almost every student whoever spend 4 years while pursuing Engineering and spend a decent amount of money for the same. A student should channelize their efforts and put in a right direction so that they can be hired by their dream company and can become a part of their dream projects. In Engineering, a college teaches you technical education and makes a student sound in academics but at the time of Placement a student faces multiple other hurdles and tests for which a student should prepare accordingly.

A student should focus on his own placement strategy should note down his strong points and weak points and must start working on the weak points in an effective manner. Here in this article we will be mainly showering some lights on the Placement strategy which a student should follow to grab a placement in an easy way.

1.)       Group Discussions

This round is very much essential and demands active listening along with active speaking. An Engineering candidate can practice more and more over group discussions among their collegemates on certain current topics and topics related to innovations and engineering.

It shows the leadership skills and reflects the decision taking skills which a company generally looks for.

2.)       Mock Interview

A Student can practice mock interview multiple times before sitting for the final interview. It is usually seen that a student gets nervous and loose a decent opportunity due to the nervousness and due to the lack of formality with the Personal Interview round.

To grab a placement a student should ideally start giving mock interview prior to the campus placement and should note down their mistakes and should work on the same so that those mistakes must be avoided at the time of interview.

3.)       Industrial Internship Programs

Industrial Internships Programs play a very important part in student’s placement. The major benefit of the Industrial Internship Program is that they give PPO (Pre-Placement Offers) to the deserving candidates based on their skills and on their work which they have done in industrial internship.

Industrial Internship Program also familiarize a student with the industrial culture and with the prevailing norms so that an engineering candidate can put efforts to groom himself up to the same level.

4.)       Personality Development & Communication Skills

Personality Development and Communications skills are the game changer at the time of Placement. A company may negotiate at the technical skills, but they always try to grab a candidate who has a decent communication skill and possess a decent Personality.

After Placement as the candidate becomes the face value of the company so they always look towards these two things. An Engineering Candidate should start working on the same from the very first day when they entered in the college for the education. These both things must be done side by side along with the academics.

5.)       Foreign Language

It has become a trend that several Multi-National Companies are demanding for some foreign languages as per their client requirement. It is good to have a knowledge of third language apart from English and mother tongue language so that it will provide an edge as compared to the other candidates when you will write the same in your resume.

An Engineering candidate must focus on the above listed pointers to grab a decent placement. Getting Placed in the early stage gives extra satisfaction and keeps a student motivated. Also, a student has ample amount of time and can enjoy their final year without any tension and burden. An Engineering candidate should focus accordingly and make their efforts count.

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