Importance of Patience in Student’s life

By Siddhartha Verma Last Updated: February 22nd, 2021

We have to agree that Patience is the companion of Wisdom. Patience is like a bitter plant which will produce sweet fruits but it will take time. Today if we look around we will find that each of us is in hurry. In this article I will be focusing that why a student should learn to have Patience in their life.

We all know that if we will start any work it will take time, let it be IITJEE Preparation, NEET Preparation or for any other competitive exams, but it is seen that students want instant result for the efforts they put which ultimately leads to disappointment and depression. Being patience can give a student new ways to explore their potentials as well as to handle them in adverse situations.

The main cause of disappointment in the teenager is not being patient; a student should practice patience which will allow them to emerge as a better and a successful individual. Patience is the one and only skills which can be learnt from self practice and can be polished further to take the same to next step.

Nowadays, we see every student wants to achieve the result at a faster pace as they don`t want to wait at all. So, patience in any student’s life is very much important as they nurture their skill which can help them to build a brighter future and be what they are.


1.)    Focus on Long Term Goal

Student life is a long race where a student gets several hurdles and he has to overcome those hurdles and convert them in success. Patience helps in targeting and cracking the long term goals set by a student.  Short terms goals are easy to achieve as the time span chosen for their accomplishment is comparatively smaller and requires less patience on the other hand long term goals need proper planning, proper implementation and execution along with sufficient patience. A student should note that Patience is the key of success in implementing long term goals.

2.)    Patience is important for Mental Health

Researchers have done a lot of survey among teenagers and they have agreed with the statistics obtained from the research analysis that most of the students are suffering from mental illness like anxiety, depression and low self esteem due to lack of patience. It should be noted by the parents as well as by students that Great things take time. Patience is the most important thing which they should practice along with some meditation and yoga to keep their mind healthy.

3.)    Patience improves decision Making

Decision making evolves when a decision maker has enough patience to see the outcome of the decision taken by him. A student has to take multiple decisions in his life, decisions related to career, fitness, education planning etc. A Student with having patience inside them can take better decisions and can calmly wait for the result of the decision taken by them. It automatically boosts their confidence and morale and prepares them for future challenges.

4.)    Patience builds self confidence

The most important characteristic of the student life is self confidence as it keeps student morale straight as an arrow and prepares them to compete with the outer world having their shoulder aligned with the competitors. If we see from that perspective self confidence is an integral and functional unit of student’s life. Patience helps in building self confidence in student.

5.)    Patience Helps You To Understand The Process Of Success

We all have read a famous proverb that “ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY”.

Patience is all about trusting the process and trusting yourself and your efforts. It prepares you organically for understanding the process and keeping belief on the same. With Patience a student should know and understand the timeline taken to achieve the process. We all have heard from famous personalities that-           

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    “JOURNEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE DESTINATION

A student should constantly try to develop this inside them. They can take help of meditation and Yoga to organically achieve them and later on they will be able to visualize the positive changes in their life.

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