Impact of Cancellation of CBSE XII Exams

By Siddhartha Verma Last Updated: June 03rd, 2021

We all are aware that the central government has decided and taken a step to cancel the CBSE Class XII Board examinations. This decision was collectively taken after a high-level meeting with PM Narendra Modi on the last Tuesday. After the announcement, there was mixed reaction from students as well as teachers. Some of them calls it the need of the hour considering the Pandemic while other said that this may have the impact on their career.

If we will consider this decision from health perspective of the students and teachers, undoubtedly this is a very wise decision taken by the central government. If the examinations will be held, we can’t even predict that how many students and teachers could have been impacted due to Coronavirus. This decision has given a smile of relief especially to the parents as they were very much concerned about their children health and safety. Today in this article we will be discussing about the impacts of Cancellation of CBSE XII Exams. The CBSE had earlier proposed of conducting the exams between July 15 to August 26 and the result to be declared in September.

1.)    Marking System

After the cancellation of CBSE XII Exams, marking for the same will be done based on past performances. We all are aware that now marks will be distributed on the previous results which may or may not be as good as the Board Marks.

This is one of the major reasons for the mixed reviews from the students as some had done enough preparations for the same and were expecting better results from their previous examinations. While other students who have not prepared for the same are happy because they will be awarded the marks based on the past performances which will benefit them.

The next step for us is to wait for the CBSE' s alternate formula for the assessment & evaluation, its implementation and acceptance by all unanimously.

2.)    Relief from Anxiety and Uncertainty

Once it is cleared from the central government that there will be no more Class XII board exams. Students are much more relieved from the prevailing anxiety and uncertainty. Earlier everything was at very uncertain position be it be date, subjects etc. After the decision students take a breath of relief from the Anxiety and Uncertainty.

3.)    Reduced Health Risks for students and teachers

This decision has a major impact on decreasing the Health Risks for students and teachers. At the present scenario, conducting exams will have a cause a great threat for the students, teachers and their families. Parents and the family members of the teachers are found very much happy with this decision and call it a wise step taken by the central government.

4.)    Benchmark for the other State Boards Examinations

The cancellation of CBSE XII Exams has set a benchmark for the other State Boards Examinations. At this time of pandemic health is the priority for all of us and must be considered as the top goal for everyone. By seeing the bold decision taken by the Centre other state boards will be following the same keeping this as their benchmark and can certainly contribute more in lowering the cases from virus.

Students were in mental stress few days back. Now once the examination is cancelled then can enjoy with their family members by stating at home. They can gather the zeal and vigor and should target for the next career destination. They can plan their career and target accordingly as now they are tension free from the burden of Boards examinations. A wise student will harness this opportunity and will try to shape his/her career in the desired domain as load from them is lowered.  

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