How to Break Communication Barrier

By Siddhartha Verma Last Updated: February 18th, 2021

From very basic definition of communication we all are aware that it is a process of expressing ourselves, our thoughts with one another. It is very simple and like transmitting and receiving verbal and non verbal messages between one another. We all are quite aware that communication is the very basic needs of one’s life in several perspectives. We often see that few students are not able to communicate properly and express themselves in a proper manner which later on becomes a major hurdle for them in their respective career and in later phase of life.

In this article we are going to decode the major barriers in the field of communication which a student may be facing and we will try to know the way to resolve the same.

From a student’s perspective having good communication skills is very important as it will help in variety of ways. We all are aware that premium B-schools have a round called Group discussion in the selection process, some excellent jobs also have face to face interview round. That’s the major reason we need to identify the communication barrier and we have to break the same for our overall development. Let’s identify them and later on we will try to break those decoded barriers.

1.)    Lack of Knowledge

It is observed that most of the students aren’t able to communicate properly due to the lack of knowledge. For a student to communicate properly few things are essential for the same namely

a.)    Grammar Knowledge

b.)    Tenses

c.)     Vocabulary

It is seen that due to the lack of knowledge of the above listed entities a student is not able to communicate in a better way. This leads to the mockery of their speaking skills among their friend circle so a student loses his confidence and starts skipping the communication.

It can be solved by focusing on the systematic study; a student should refer these two golden books and should honestly spend few hours daily for enhancing their knowledge. They should be referring these two books to overcome the lack of knowledge barrier which persists inside them.

Book 1: High School English Grammar and Composition: Wren & Martin (Grammar and Tenses)

Book 2: Word Power Made Easy (Vocabulary)

2.)    Personal Barriers

This is one of the highly important barrier which puts break in effective communication. In this a student generally develops lack of confidence towards himself which unintentionally pushes his interest towards communication. Also it is observed that personal barriers lead to lack of incentives so here a student needs an external push to break this barrier. Either parents or a counselor should do this and should try to uplift the confidence of the student.

3.)    Semantic Gap

If we will refer to professional communications there is a term widely used known as semantic gap. It happens when we try to communicate a message through the means of communication but the receiver is not able to decode the same in the similar manner in which it was conveyed. It can happen by a lot of different ways. Here we should break this barrier by bridging the semantic gap. We should try to re check with the receiver that they have decoded the same message which we have passes in the communication as a sender. Thus this will enhance the communication skills of a student.

4.)    Lack of listening skills   

Lack of listening skills is the major communication barrier as until a student is not listening effectively what is conveyed to them, they will give a negative acknowledgment or response of the request messages. Thus lack of listening skills is a major barrier in the effective communication. A student should develop it by watching some good Hollywood movies or web series by either keeping the sub scene turned on or by disabling the same. It can help them in listening and understanding.

5.)    Fear of mistakes

It has been observed that several students didn’t take part in extempore, group discussion, public speaking as they fear that what if they will commit the mistake?? People will laugh at them and will judge at them. This fear becomes a communication barrier for them. A student should try to overcome this fear of committing mistake by rehearsing numerous number of time in front of the mirror and should try to communicate with their friends, family and relatives so that it will break this barrier and will help them to communicate in an effective way.

Thus we can conclude that for student effective communication skills is very important, due to certain reasons communication barriers develop so those barriers must be resolved and a student should give their best efforts in working on the above discussed points.

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