How Students Should Navigate to Uncertainty

By Siddhartha Verma Last Updated: July 05th, 2021

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There is undoubtedly a lot of buzz, rumours and uncertainty is revolving inside the mind of the students. Specifically, board students are much more affected by this prevailing uncertainty and are taking stress due to the same. Indeed, the reason for these existing uncertainties in the academic calendar is majorly driven by the impact of COVID-19 and the major changes brought into the action due to the same.

Today here in this article we would like to have a crystal-clear focus of this major topic that How Students should try to navigate to Uncertainty and should keep themselves mentally prepare for the challenges and outcome of the same. It is the need of hour in this prevailing pandemic time that student should be aware about the possible outcomes of this uncertainty and should leverage the time provided due to the same in the constructive work for their career.

1.)    Focus on the Career

There were rumours regarding cancellation of board exams and same happened also. Similarly, there will be several rumours and decisions taken by the government keeping the present scenario and the impact of COVID-19.

An ideal student should focus on his career and should not waste his time on thinking over these cancellations, postpone or delay of exams. Undoubtedly these kind of things may or may not happen and it totally depends on the current pandemic situations so it will be a clear waste of the time by a student if they devote their precious time over these things which are not in their hand.

2.)    Competitive Exams Schedule

It is noticed that competitive exams like JEE MAINS, NEET etc are not yet scheduled and it can be a possible scenario where the predicted date may change.

According to IIT-Kanpur professor a student should consider the previous given date as the deadline and should give maximum number of mock tests and should be focussing on the exams. It is only the practice which a student should be doing at this point of time which will help him to secure a better rank in the competitive examinations.

3.)    Commencement of Classes

Commencement of Classes is still in ambiguity. Institutions had started the online mode of classes, but offline mode is yet to be decided and the decision will remain uncertain due to the pandemic.

Student should try to learn and attend the online classes and should extract the maximum possible benefit from these despites thinking about the commencement of the regular classes. It is not in institutions hand, so they are also trying their best to give education and learning to the students.

4.)    Do Certifications and Utilise the Time

A wise student will utilise this time and will do several relevant certifications and online courses. In this time students are getting ample of free time it is up to the students that how they want to use the same available time.

Investing these available times over some new courses and certification will definitely help students in grabbing better results.

Thus, a student can navigate the uncertainty and should be reacting wisely over these. They must avoid taking unwanted stress over those things which are not in their control and should be keeping their focus on those things where they can leverage the scenarios and should convert these into fruitful results.

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