Distractions during online classes

By Siddhartha Verma Last Updated: June 08th, 2021

All of us have seen a major transformation from the conventional classes to online classes. Majority of students have supported this and have listed the numerous benefits which a student is able to get from these online classes. Considering this pandemic, the concept of imparting education to the students through online classes was a superhit formula and now it has gained the popularity. Students are easily accessing their classes by remaining at their home and by using internet and a mobile/laptop or any functionality related device.

It is usually said that great features come with even greater distractions associated with them. The same is very true for the online classes. Here in this article we are going to discuss about the distractions which a student will face during the online classes and possible way to overcome it.

1.)    Incoming Calls

While having an online class, Incoming calls can be a reason for the major deviations and distractions. It happens with those students who attend online classes on their mobile. There is always a possibility that some one can call you at the time of class and it will be going to distract your focus from the online classes.

It is advised to reject the incoming calls whenever you are attending online classes from the mobile. It will save your time and will keep you focused towards the ongoing topic.

2.)    Whatsapp Messages and Notifications

Several notifications from the different apps and whatsapp messages during the online classes can divert a student from the online classes. Sometimes it also happens that they start chatting with their friends along with the classes. It could reduce their learning abilities as doing multitasking is not as much effective as a standalone task.

It is advised that a student must turn the notifications off while attending the online classes. It will not distract them and after the classes they can enjoy chatting with their friends.

3.)    Harmful rays and Vibrations from the devices

We all are aware that these devices emit harmful waves and radiations. It is advised by the doctors not to use them for long hours as it may impact adversely towards organs like eyes, ears. It is advisable to use these online gadgets as per the requirements. Students who were earlier having perfect visuals with their eyes have reported for the eye pain and migraine due to the long hours of usage of these devices.

4.)     Multiple Online Distractions

It is seen that students while having online classes is also enjoying Youtube videos or movies running at the backend of their laptop. It is a very common thing which is reported by the teachers that students are attending the online classes for having their attendance but are not participating actively in the online classes.

The solution for this problem is self-motivation and strong will power.

It should be noted by the students that they are leveraging the best available platform for the education and their intention should be to extract maximum from it. Their will be multiple more ways to distract them during the online classes and teachers will not be able to see them and scold them. It will only be a student who can act accordingly and can harness maximum from the online classes.

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