Discovering a Major in Engineering

By Siddhartha Verma Last Updated: February 21st, 2021

The first important and critical decision is choosing whether a student should pursue Engineering or not. Once this doubt is sorted inside a student’s mind and they wish to pursue Engineering as their further education and do graduation in the same, discovering a major is the next critical decision.

Indeed Engineering major is a very important as once a student enters into an engineering college he will be spending his next 4 Years in learning the core concept of that major which he has selected. A student will do internship related to the selected major and will do projects related to the same. Moreover their placement is also equally dependent on the choice he had made and on his skills. Thus choosing an engineering Major is a critical decision and one should take it wisely.

There are certain points which a student should keep in his mind while discovering the same.

A.)    Know your Passion

B.)    Choose Engineering Major according to your future goals

C.)    Determine your interest towards the major

D.)    Look for the Returns ( Salary and Compensations)

E.)    Future Market Demand of that stream

F.)    Consider your ideal work environment

Here we will discuss about the available options which a student gets while opting for the major stream and will shower some lights on the same options.

1.)    Mechanical Engineering

Undoubtedly this is the evergreen major of the Engineering. Several students opt this as their major to contribute for maintaining mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers after pursuing their education can work in private firm as well as in the government sector and can go for PSU also.

2.)    Computer Science Engineering

Talking in terms of placements and number of opportunities, a computer science engineer has apparently more advantage of getting a handsome package.  While pursuing the course they learn coding, data structure, algorithm and several latest concepts. It is the most trending stream from the student’s perspective in sync with the giant MNCs.

3.)    Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering deals with the study of electrical networks and concepts of physics. A student can learn a lot as this is the core branch and will open the door of private sector as well as public sector for you.  Electrical engineers get to understand how power distribution is done at the larger scale and can get a creamy level of job in the Electrical department.

4.)    Electronics and Communication Engineering

There was a time when even incoming calls were chargeable, at that time ECE was at boom. The best advantage of choosing this branch as the major is that a student can get to learn the about basic computer fundamentals as well as core communications. We are aware that 5G technology is about to come in India so choosing this branch can surely give you a very handsome salary package.

5.)    Civil Engineering

This is the very functional branch of engineering and involves a lot of study related to constructions of bridge, dams, flyovers, roads etc.  These professionals have to work at ground level and have to take very important decisions related to several constructions. It is observed that Delhi Metro, Larsen & Turbo and other firms have always hired these graduates.

Apart from these above listed streams there are few more engineering majors which a student chooses according to the parameters told in this article. Choosing the same is a very critical and responsible decision as the future of the student will mold accordingly. Choose Wisely.

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