How to Finish Paper on Time

By Siddhartha Verma Last Updated: February 17th, 2021

It is generally observed that during examination students are not able to finish the paper in time. There is still certain possibility that the student is aware of the answers of the questions but still due to the lack of time few questions remain untouched. It leads to the deduction of marks and actually makes a difference from the marks expected to the marks obtained.

Today in this article we are going to discuss about the most important topic from student’s perspective that how to finish paper in time. We will classify this topic into two parts.

1.)    When Student is attempting Subjective Paper

Practice Answer Writing-

A Student should practice answer writing on the daily basis. They should try to solve one full set question paper of each subject and should notice that how much extra time they have taken to complete the full question paper. Once they will do the analysis they will be comparatively rehearsed enough to give their best while attempting subjective papers in their board exams.

Focus on Writing Speed-

It’s a common tendency of students that for a good handwriting in their answer sheet they unintentionally decrease the rate of writing. At the end a student finds that he is unable to attempt few questions which are in the last in question paper due to shortage of time. A student should learn that though good handwriting is important and it attracts good marks from the examiner but if they are decreasing their rate of writing due to the same it will impact their final obtained marks. Thus a student should focus and work on their writing speed.

Analyze & strategize the question paper-

 It is advised that once a student receives question paper he should have a glance on the complete question paper then he should make their own strategy of attempting the same. It can vary from student to student. This process will help them to finish the paper on time and will help them to score excellent marks.

Practice Subject Related Drawing-

Various subjects demands drawing along with the answers. A student should practice those subject related drawing and should do the labeling also so that during examination it will seem an easy task for them and will give them some extra time as they had already practiced the same.

2.)    When Student is attempting Objective Paper

Shortcuts and tricks should be on Tips

We are well aware that all the competitive exams are in objective way. It requires faster solution of the problems; a student should know the shortcuts and important tricks to solve the objective question at a faster pace. It will help them to finish the paper on time as they don’t need to deduce the formulae they only need to use the same and find the answer.

Practice of Filling OMR Sheet

It is observed that several students have solved the paper completely but due to the slow filling speed of the bubbles in the OMR answer sheet marks were deducted. A student should do the practice of filling the bubbles in OMR sheet so that they can fill it in a proper pace and in a correct manner during examination.

Have a complete look at question paper

When a student receive the objective set of question paper, he should give a complete look at the question paper so that those questions which are just for read and tick can be solved within a minute. Those questions whose concept is harder and student doesn’t know it can be skipped or can be left for the last.

These above discussed strategy and way will help the students to complete their question paper on time and will help them to fetch excellent marks.

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